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DoD Sharepoint Training

As the, "platform of choice" for DoD content management, Warfighter and Warfighter support KM's typically find their KM work is centered around the Microsoft SharePoint platform. While there is a distinct difference between SharePoint work and KM work, KMTI understands that most KM's find themselves in a position that requires them to be proficient in both domains. In response, KMTI developed DoD specific SharePoint training.

Built by DoD KM's for DoD KM's remained our motto as KMTI created this Program of Instruction. Using a dedicated SharePoint 2010 platform that mimics the DoD SharePoint 2010 environment, KMTI's training provides users a uniquely tailored SharePoint 2010 training experience that does not just provide an understanding of SharePoint 2010, but provides that understanding with the context, security framework, and functional capacities typically experienced within a military .mil based SharePoint 2010 platform.

KMTI's DoD SharePoint training provides Learners with a fully range of SharePoint training applicable to all levels of SharePoint experience. The training begins by providing a working knowledge of DoD SharePoint 2010. Basic functions, capabilities, and typical skills and tactics are provided to the Learner. Next, the Program leads Learners through a comprehensive Program of Instruction providing Learners with an in depth examination and practical application study of the SharePoint 2010 platform. Going beyond basics, Learners receive facilitated classroom indoctrination into the .mil based DoD SharePoint 2010 platform. Using KMTI's dedicated SharePoint 2010 .mil mock-up training environment, Learners not only receive instruction in advanced SharePoint 2010 techniques, but are also guided through practical exercises that provide them mission-ready skills upon graduation.




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