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KMTI Course Locations

KMTI believes that the availability of training is a critical component in preparing Warfighters and Warfighter Support Personnel for their Missions. In response, KMTI has a multi-faceted approach to meeting customer needs.

eLearning – KMTI offers the availability of eLearning for learners to help increase the efficiency and impact of our classroom programs. Much of KM and supporting IT material is static, but necessary, for students to baseline their understanding of common principles. Rather than spend valuable classroom time on this information, KMTI has packaged and delivers this material in eLearning modules to students as "pre-work" designed to maximize the time with our DoD KM Instructor Cadre.

KMTI is also in the process of fielding a stand-alone eLearning KM Certification that will provide learners a complete understanding of KM Principles and how they apply in a DoD environment.

Mobile Training Teams – KMTI provides training "wherever and whenever" our clients require. Knowing the costs and logistical challenges that face our Individual, Corporate and Government clients, KMTI provides Mobile Training Team capabilities at client locations across the US. Student attendance minimums apply. Please contact us about your training needs and location requirements.

KMTI Home Office – KMTI Headquarters is located in Newport News, VA. Centrally located on the East Coast within easy access of Washington DC and Norfolk, VA, KMTI's Home Office venue is our most popular. With classes ongoing, please contact us with your training schedule requirements to ensure availability.





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