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DoD KM Master Certification

KMTI's DoD Knowledge Management Master Course is a two-phase training and certification program that provides Learners a comprehensive understanding of both the information regarding KM in the DoD and the applied practice of KM in the DoD.

In Phase I, Learners participate in a series of eLearning modules designed to baseline their understanding of the basic principles of KM and then further refine that understanding within a DoD context. The Phase I eLearning portion is professionally mediated by an experienced DoD KM and Learners' progress and understanding of the content is closely observed and mentored via asynchronous connection to our Cadre of KM Professionals. Upon successful completion of the Phase I final exam, Learners will qualify to attend the Phase II segment of the KM Master Course.

Phase II is a face-to-face event led by an experienced KMTI DoD KM Practitioner/Instructor. The Phase II course emphasizes the application of the basic concepts Learners acquired in Phase I. Coursework consists of scenario based exploration of KM applications in real-world derived scenarios. In Phase II, Learners also receive training in DoD SharePoint 2010 Fundamentals and DoD Business Process and Workflow Mapping.

Course length: 24 hours eLearning/40 hours classroom.








KM for DoD

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