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About KMTI

KMTI was founded in 2011 in response to an overwhelming requirement for DoD specific training for operationalized KM service providers within a wartime environment. In close affiliation with Triquetra Technologies (T2), a leading provider of KM and KM IT support services in the Afghanistan theater of operations, KMTI was formed to better prepare operational KM's for the rigors of KM work in a wartime environment. Realizing that existing KM training and certification programs lacked relevancy and DoD context, KMTI set out to build a specifically tailored POI that drew upon not just commonly available KM source materials and knowledge, but went a step further to utilize exclusively available DoD specific KM source materials from across the Military Service Branches and from the Joint DoD environment. With the assistance of several major Military Service Chief Knowledge Office representatives, KMTI compiled and now provides this custom-matched training and certification solution to anyone performing Knowledge Management and IT Knowledge Management Support duties anywhere within the DoD.








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